Why Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should be repealed

The following is a letter I just sent to my senators via the HRC.

I believe that our military must reflect the society we are and aspire to be. I believe that it must affirm, not deny, the dignity of all Americans loyal and courageous enough to serve in our armed forces. Under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, being openly homosexual — which is no crime — is to be unfit for military duty.

Our history is replete with examples of these concessions to fear and hatred, and every time we overcame them, we became a stronger and better nation for doing so. Today it is no different. Supporters of DADT foment fear over military readiness, hoping to scare us with the prospect of a military so undisciplined that to acknowledge the existence and equality of the thousands of gays currently serving in the military would leave it unable to execute its duties. That is an insult to the military and citizens alike.

We must take action to overcome these forces now, for our own dignity is on the line as well. If we do not, history will record that we chose comfort over challenge, and cowardice over righteousness.

Please, for the honor of all Americans, you must repeal this shameful law.

Which orgs are fighting for equal marriage rights?

Terminus Est needs your input. Please submit in the comments your favorite org(s) that are fighting to guarantee marriage rights to all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, and why you like them. The Wikipedia article on Gay rights organizations lists like 114 orgs in the US alone.

I already donate to Immigration Equality, which puts effort into reforming immigration law so that people can sponsor their LGBT and HIV positive partners for green cards, which, even if you live in a sate with legal gay marriage, currently you cannot do. Now I’m looking for orgs which are working for marriage equality.

Yoga for Sarah Palin

Ah, the intersection of Yoga and Politics.

I’ve been checking out what yoga podcasts there are online. There were like 30 listed in the iTunes directory alone. One of them is titled “Tara Stiles Yoga.” I’m not ready to endorse it as the best yoga vodcast out there, I’m not really done checking out the scene. But it is definitely the one with the most political satire.

Crucial for election times: FactCheck

People, seriously, if you are following the election (and if you’re not, why not?), like reading op-eds and news and watching political ads and such… put this site on the top of your list, check it *every* day. As near as I can tell, they are completely non-partisan, with an agenda of only reporting the truth. There is debunking of claims in both candidates’ camps.


A hat with it’s own hair

I watched Joe Lieberman speak last night. More on that another time, maybe. During the speech, one of the quick camera cuts the the audience featured this woman.

The button reads “Liberals pick on someone your own age”.


I’ve got two theories so far to explain this sentiment.

1) John McCain is old, and people have been making an issue out of this, and so she’s angry that people are picking on him for this.

2) It goes along with the anti-abortion button she’s wearing, and the “your own age” is a reference to the very young age of a fetus.

But while I noticed the button last night, it’s not til ljust now that I noticed the hat itself. It appears to have it’s own hair.

*Raised eyebrow of skepticism and derision*