Dinosaur Plant Rehydration

I was at the Nat Hist Museum for my nephew Kevin’s 8th birthday. I picked up a thing at the shop they were calling a “Dinosaur Plant”*, basically an ancient species of moss that can survive for decades without water and revives really quickly when watered.

I shot a time-lapse video of most of the hydration process. Keep your eyes open for a special appearance!

[*] http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/sci/A0841611.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selaginella_lepidophylla for more info.

My cat won’t drink from his bowl

Jubei, my kitty, has this thing about his water bowl. That is, he won’t drink from it. Not, mind you, that he won’t drink from the water bowl in my kitchen right now. I’ve been through 3 so far, including the high-maintenance filtered running water bowl.

No, what Jubei won’t drink from his whatever thing happens to be his water bowl. He’ll drink from the toilet, the taps, he’ll lap at a little congregation of drops gathered by the drain of the shower. He’ll drink from my glass, or from a bowl of water that I’ve set out momentarily before soaking something in it.

If it weren’t annoying to do so, I’d start drinking my water our of his bowl, wherever in the house I go, like it’s a cup. I’d put it on the coffee table and drink out of it while I watch TV, clear off a spot on my desk where I’d put it when I’m there… and I’d put some money on the notion that he’d start drinking out of it.