Mass Effect 3 — early report

Monday morning I woke up, and I could tell that, after several days of giving ME 8 hours of my life, and more on Sunday, my brain had, as with Zhuangzi’s butterfly, decided that my corporeal existence was the dream, and ME3 the reality. In those hazy minutes of snoozing between sleeping and waking, instead of thinking “I should get up, take a leak, make coffee, and see about what on my schedule for the day,” I distinctly heard my brain thinking “I should check my mission journal, talk to Liara T’Soni, feed the fish in my captain’s cabin, hit up the galaxy map and see about kicking some Cerberos bitches off a colony”.

When I finally got up, I felt like what I imagine it would feel like had I spent all weekend in AC snorting blow, drinking, and stuffing $20s into G-strings. In other words, dirty, sleazy, and run-down.