Johanna Blakley’s awesome chart

This is a chart of the two main binary oppositions within the logic of copyright law:diagram of the binary oppositions of copyright

From her bio: Johanna Blakley is the deputy director of the Norman Lear Center, a research and public policy institute that explores the convergence of entertainment, commerce and society.

The chart appears at 13:25 into her TED talk. To really see it, you should watch the HD version, available only as a podcast.

I love it when people get visually articulate.

2 thoughts on “Johanna Blakley’s awesome chart

  1. I get what she’s saying, but I feel it’s super important to note that Open Source absolutely relies on Copyright protection to function. The spirit of what she’s trying to say is clear, and I dig it, but the statement “Open Source people don’t want copyright protection” is false and misleading.

    • I totally agree with your criticism of her facile summary of what open source wants. She also does the classic “I’ve shown you how easy it is to not care about copies when physical things are involved, and I leave the puzzle of how to manage the same issues when only information is involved as an exercise for the reader.”

      But I love her chart.

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