Deepwater Horizon Thoughts

I’ve figured out what has been so depressing about this (beyond the obvious). It’s the future. A friend of mine has been fond of saying lately that today is starting to look more and more like the Jetsons. The future of our childhood is here today: jetpacks, flying cars, robots that walk, wearable computers and retina screens.

There are other, possibly worse, tragedies that have far worse immediate human life tolls, like Darfur and Haiti, but at least you can say that those woes belong to the past. Ideas of the past, and cities of the past. Not past enough, but that’s where they belong.

But this spill is of the future. As is climate change… but although that’s been a thing for a while, even a believer like me can’t claim that I’ve felt the impact of it yet. But the spill… in about 3 months we’ll begin to understand the scope of it. This is also the future; us spoiling our home planet on a scope previously unachievable.

Star Trek or Mad Max? I don’t like what this points to.

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