Lint Cthulhu

Ok, gross.

I previously posted about how much I liked the sticker on the drier in my basement. It guaranteed poor results if one didn’t keep the lint trap clean.

Tonight I was dismayed to find that my clothes were still damp after an hour in the drier. I gazed at the admonishing sticker. Clean the screen, it said. I took out the screen and verified that I had indeed cleaned it. It was when I put it back in that I noticed it was not quite sitting back down where it belonged.

Curious, I investigated. There was certainly some stuff down there. Actually, there seemed to be quite a bit of stuff. I found a dowel lying around and started digging…

… fifteen minutes later I’ve got this pile:

Frankly I’m surprised the thing worked at all.

iCal’s continuing failures

Oh iCal. Is there no end to your sucking?

Here’s the latest example of breakage. At my company some of my co-workers use a hosted exchange server for calendaring. I use iCal and MobileMe. Sometimes we invite each other to events, and often the invites are even successfully transmitted to each othe via email.

Then I started being an hour late to meetings. Why? Well, see if you can pick out the bug in the below screencap…

That’s right. In the info panel, the time of the event is displayed as noon, while in the graphical calendar view, the event starts at 1pm. Once again the iCal team earns my Harsh Glare of Ultimate Derision.