And the Other Cosmetic Shoe Drops

Back in August I posted about an ad for mascara that I thought was ridiculous. I said

I think my feelings about paint-on false lashes can be captured with this made up ad copy: “Beyond foundation… face spackle!”

Well. I suppose I should have expected this:

Face Spakle

Face Spakle

Yes, Laura Geller sells Face Spackle, Eye Spackle, and Lip Spackle.

Ok, I admit that I’m a makup bigot. I think that the right amount of makeup that a person should wear is “none.” I just mostly think people look better without it. But I’m not trying to bang that particular drum right now, I’m just saying — face spakle just doesn’t sound like good marketing. You shouldn’t associate anything that is meant for your face with somthing that is applied with a trowel.

Thanks to F. over at The Holophusicon for the tip.

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