Eat it all

The real-deal soft-serve ice cream that Carl’s (in Fredricksburg, VA) serves up from almost antique-looking ice cream makers is awesome. However, I always find it disturbing when my food tries to tell me things. That cone says “EAT-IT-ALL”.

3 thoughts on “Eat it all

  1. Did the ice cream server (ice cream jerk?) say anything untoward while handing it to you, like “Daddy thinks you’ll like this”?

  2. So what do they do to you if you DON’T eat it all? Do they glare at you? Do this kick you out? Is there a back room where wasters of soft serve are taken to be beaten and have ice cream shoved down their throats?BR/BR/Upon further consideration, I do prefer Dustin’s interpretation… though from my limited experience, I would hazard a guess that working in an ice cream joint is about the least sexy job you can have (besides accountant).

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