New Aleph Jawbone survives laundry

If my Jawbone headset were a song I’d give it five stars. If it were a woman I’d ask it to marry me.

Yesterday I did my first load of laundry in the basement if my new apartment building. As I put the load in the washer, I set a timer on my phone. As I did so I noticed that my phone was actively paired with a headset, although I thought I’d left it upstairs. I should have checked my pockets – had I done so, I’d have noticed that it was not there.

Over the next hour I realized that I could not find my headset. As I moved my laundry to the drier, I went through the pockets of my garments… Sure enough, in one pocket was a lighter, and BOTH my iPhone headphones (with he sweet clicky-button microphone), an my Jawbone.

“Oh, noooooo, critical laundry fumble!” I thought. And yet by some amazing fortune, the headphones worked, unlike the last pair of apple headphones I laundered. The Jawbone I didn’t even try to turn on. I mean, the first-gen Jawbone I had died by immersion in nothing more than a rainstorm. How did this one stand a chance?

Well, I left it to sit overnight and this morning plugged it in, and was astounded to see its little charging LED come on! So I let it charge for 10 minutes and turned it on — it worked!

A bluetooth headset that functions after being put through the wash goes so far above the call of duty I’m not sure I can find the words to express my amazement, so I’m hoping that quantity will make up for lack of quality here.

From Aleph: “Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us – we love hearing how Jawbone is making life a little better for our customers!

Though we don’t recommend putting Jawbones through the wash its great to hear that your is fine.”

So take note! YMMV.

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