New Aleph Jawbone survives laundry

If my Jawbone headset were a song I’d give it five stars. If it were a woman I’d ask it to marry me.

Yesterday I did my first load of laundry in the basement if my new apartment building. As I put the load in the washer, I set a timer on my phone. As I did so I noticed that my phone was actively paired with a headset, although I thought I’d left it upstairs. I should have checked my pockets – had I done so, I’d have noticed that it was not there.

Over the next hour I realized that I could not find my headset. As I moved my laundry to the drier, I went through the pockets of my garments… Sure enough, in one pocket was a lighter, and BOTH my iPhone headphones (with he sweet clicky-button microphone), an my Jawbone.

“Oh, noooooo, critical laundry fumble!” I thought. And yet by some amazing fortune, the headphones worked, unlike the last pair of apple headphones I laundered. The Jawbone I didn’t even try to turn on. I mean, the first-gen Jawbone I had died by immersion in nothing more than a rainstorm. How did this one stand a chance?

Well, I left it to sit overnight and this morning plugged it in, and was astounded to see its little charging LED come on! So I let it charge for 10 minutes and turned it on — it worked!

A bluetooth headset that functions after being put through the wash goes so far above the call of duty I’m not sure I can find the words to express my amazement, so I’m hoping that quantity will make up for lack of quality here.

From Aleph: “Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us – we love hearing how Jawbone is making life a little better for our customers!

Though we don’t recommend putting Jawbones through the wash its great to hear that your is fine.”

So take note! YMMV.

Beyond Mascara

I’m sure that the advertisers who created this spot are quite good at talking to their target demographic. And perhaps that’s what horrifies me about this. I think my feelings about paint-on false lashes can be captured with this made up ad copy:

“Beyond foundation… face spackle!”