We Love the Things That Hate Us

Atmosphere recently released a completely free album called Strictly Leakage. Nerdifer sent me the track she liked, a song called “The Things That Hate Us.” She got it off this hip-hop blog Inverse. It’s an indictment of the proclivity of Americans to engage in modern self-destructive behavior. Self-destructive eating, boozing, smoking, TV watching, medicating… here’s a snippet:

Overfill, overkill, tryin’ to deal
Call the toll free and order me some diet pills.
Got me looking at the sugar in the Kool-Aid that you made
You need to chase it down with some toothpaste
Still stuck to the simple things yep the struggle in between a couple of krispy kremes
I have to ask if you could pass that half and half to get my coffee back on track
Big ups to all the carbonated hiccups the energy drinks and the suicide big gulps.
Gonna find happiness in the fast food
Supersize the triple bypass heart attack too
Distract you with these colorful tattoos to cover up the fact that we feel like bad news

We love the things that hate us
Push snooze again girl I don’t want to wake up

The thing that just tickles me is how amazing the title lyric is. It could have just as  easily been entitled “we love the things that hurt us”. Instead, the lyric imbues these things with intention, and thus actual malice.

The overly sugary food you eat? It hates you. It wants you to get diabetes. The unprotected sex you’re having hates you, and if it’s in a good mood, the worst it wishes on you is a case of the clap. And that needle that you’re sharing with someone. It has nothing but hatred for you… cynical, vicious hatred. It wishes you ill.

It’s a positively genius turn of phrase.

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