F*ck you, iCal

Why can’t I have a little monthly calendar in the corner and my incoming appointment notifications visible at the same time?

While we’re at it, what’s up with you reaching some kind of point of no return with being able to sync over .mac? Even long after I’ve deleted all traces of /.*ical.*/ and /.*calendar.*/ and /.*dotmac.*/ from my Library, new appointments in my fresh auto-created calendars wouldn’t sync. You suck.

To regain the ability to sync, I had to export every calendar to an individual .ics files, and scour my Library of every file related to syncing either over .mac or using the isync framework (for devices), and the calendars, and the caches, and all dotmac related files, unregister every computer from .mac, and finally I had a Library that was pristine enough to get test events syncing across .mac. Then I could import all the individual old calendars to get my data back.

iCal, you disgust me. You are the single worst application Apple has ever released, and the best thing that I can say about version 3.0 (the Leopard version) is that you have yet to produce an endless tide of zombie appointment acceptance notifications, which, no matter how you clear your notification cache and reset your .mac sync data, reappear endlessly, eventually featuring duplicate notifications.

ical attendeesPerversely, version 3.0 deletes one ability I used to have — tabbing completely through the fields you may wish to edit while creating appointments. That, apparently, was too convenient. Now, should I wish to invite someone to an event, I have to click on an “Add Attendees…” link, which replaces said link with the field I wanted to type into in the first place.

iCal, you are worse than Cyberdog. Worse than Server Admin and Workgroup Admin. Next to you, the 10.2 Finder is a paragon of system efficiency married to seamless usability. Your consistent mediocrity, punctuated with sharp, stabbing moments of seemingly schadenfreudian behavior, earn you my Harsh Glare of Ultimate Derision.

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  1. Right on. I just upgraded and have wasted nearly two hours just trying to clear the stupid calendar out so I can start fresh.BR/BR/Maybe they jobbed out the design of this app to Microsoft????

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