Still going, how about that

I just checked up on a little video Phil and I made last year back when the Oozinator came out. Last year I was watching how many views on youtube it was getting every week, but I hadn’t checked in a while…

I’m pretty surprised that it’s still being viewed somewhat regularly, and now has 18k views or so. By youtube popularity standards, that’s just about nothing, but still, it’s probably the most exposure I’ve ever had, including the time I played Little John in my summer camp’s production of Peter Pan.

One of the latest comments was that I look nervous in the first few seconds. I must admit, it’s quite true. Next time, I promise we’ll rehearse more.

Step over the gap, dumbass

I hear the main text of this PSA in a decidedly snarky voice. “Step over the gap, not in it.” Let’s try a few enhancements.

“You might want to try stepping over the gap. Just saying.”

“If you’re into tripping as you enter a train car, you could do this. Or you could step over the gap. Your choice.”

“Uuuuummmm… heLLOOooo??? The gap?? Step over?”

“Here’s a tip: step over the gap.”